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Elliott Rose

Elliott Rose is the writer, audio editor, and main narrator of Works of Love. After spending several years writing fiction and submitting to literary journals he decided if his work was going to be rejected, he wanted it done immediately and so he began doing stand-up comedy. While in the comedy scene he produced a show called “We Won’t Back Down” at the Annex Theatre which showcased female, POC, and LGBTQIA stand-ups. He also co-created an NPR style spoof podcast named “Local Look” which was a critically well-received and received coverage in the (now defunct) Seattle Arts weekly newspaper. Currently he’s the DM for the D&D Actual Play Podcast “What’s Your Damage” and his writing can be found at Medium. He is also currently still working on a novel which was due to a potential literary agent two years ago.

If you’re interested in contacting him for voice over work, audio narration, or writing you can reach him through the Contact page or you can reach him at his personal e-mail.

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Seranine Elliot

Seranine is an autistic transgender avatar. Follow her daily life at seranine.com, and stay up-to-date with new music, performances, and events. Support her music at seranine.bandcamp.com

She portrays Annika Hansen and was on Episode 5 - Reconnection: My Sister Anika


Stephanie Elizabeth

Stephanie Elizabeth is an artist and teacher living in Austin, Texas. She has contributed artwork to Works of Love


Raul Rodriguez

Raul Rodriguez is a podcast host and actor, born and raised in San Francisco. He studied theater under Chris Phillips, in his Actors Theater Workshop. He has spent most of his time working in theater, industrial shoots, live events, and now voice work. These days he spends his time talking to others on the Wholesome Hoodlum Podcast, developing a voice reel, and continues to study theater and acting.