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About Works of Love

Works of Love is an audio drama centering around love and its cost: grief.

It is a story centered on recent widower Julian Silver as he attempts to steady himself after his wife, Coraline’s passing. He does so by connecting to her work, the eponymous “Works of Love” a show where she would read listener submitted essays about love and its various shapes it takes, perhaps a stranger’s smile at a particularly vulnerable moment, or the temperamental affection of a cat who’s lived with you through all the partners you thought were “the one”. All this done to reconnect with a feeling whose absence is devastating.

Created for people who wish to explore the complexities and varieties of love without a starry-eyed naivety, but without a deep-set cynicism about the impossibilities of real connection. This show is for the people who want to reach towards the more difficult, the more intimate.

Set in Seattle, WA in modern-day America, the show seeks to express the vast range of experiences in this country, at this time. Be it the broader embrace of the concept of family, the experiences of the LGBTQIA, people of color, and those with mental health conditions.

The Production

Works of Love is set to debut May 22nd, 2019 with three episodes centered on the end of a lesbian relationship, adult children trying to stay connected to their aging parents, and a sister helping her sister endure an acute bout of Bipolar Disorder.

Also, the interview episodes (episodes 5 & 15) are long form improvs wherein the actors are individually responsible for creating their characters and before recording agree to a shared backstory. On the day-of-recording the actors converse as the characters with the intention of creating an intimate and unmannered conversation for three-to-four hours which is cut down and shaped by the edit to under an hour.

Cast + Crew

Works of Love is written, engineered, and directed by Elliott Rose.

The show is produced in Seattle, Washington.

  • Julian Silver is voiced by Elliott Rose

  • Coraline Silver is voiced by Tiffany Taylor

  • Annika Hansen is voiced by Seranine Elliot

  • Rudy Ruiz is voiced by Raul Rodriguez

The show’s cover art was created by Stephanie Elizabeth.

The Creator

Works of Love was created by Elliott Rose who also voices the lead character, Julian Silver.

Elliott began writing Works of Love a year after two friends suddenly passed away. Having lost significant people in his early life while also enduring a tumultuous childhood, Elliott sought to work on a project that examined love and all its complexities.

Having the good fortune to be both mixed-race and having a sister who is queer, he had early exposure to stories which weren’t being explored in popular culture and sought to take time, breathe, and allow himself to wrestle with the need for love and an equally strong desire to escape grief.

Of course, these two things are related and cannot be separated, and that is a topic worth exploring.


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Download/Subscribe: Works of love is available on most podcast platforms. In addition, the show is published on YouTube and can also be listened to on the website. The website also features transcripts of all shows which are available on day-of-release.

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Twitter: @worksoflovepod


Here is the trailer for the series in audio:


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Elliott Rose, Creator

Elliott Rose, Creator

Stephanie Elizabeth, Art

Stephanie Elizabeth, Art

Seranine Elliot, Actor

Seranine Elliot, Actor

Raul Rodriguez, Actor

Raul Rodriguez, Actor